PKLA Efforts with City of Abilene TCEQ Wastewater Facility Application

Possum Kingdom Lake Association reported at their Annual Meeting that efforts are underway to present new information to TCEQ regarding the City of Abilene’s renewal permit. Please find below a link to the letter that contains information regarding the application and request a Public hearing so that new information can be introduced. You may use the Template letter linked below as a template for your public comment to TCEQ or write your own comment. If you choose to use the template, you can upload this letter in their public comment section. You are also able to upload any supporting documentation in this section as well.

If you are interested in sending a comment to TCEQ, you can use the following link.

You will need the following information once you get to the comment section:

Permit #you want to comment on – WQ0005213000
Agree/Disagree to TCEQ Disclosure – You must AGREE
Phone number
Write your comment


Attachment Template Letter – Please find below a link to a template letter that you can use in making your comments.  The template letter contains information questioning the effects of releasing effluents into PK and a list of requested information in the TCEQ comments section. Should you write your own comment, please ask TCEQ for a “Public Hearing” so that new information can be introduced.

Click This Link and the Letter will Download Automatically

PKLA has hired an attorney specializing in TCEQ matters and a hydrologist to help with current efforts. A letter written by the PKLA attorney has been sent to TCEQ regarding PK Lake property owners’ concerns regarding this permit application.  Protecting water quality does not come cheap!  Donations to the Property Protection fund are going toward expenses.

Donations can be received made by mail:

P.O. Box 492

Graford, Texas 76449


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