About Us

Our Purpose

Since the community at Possum Kingdom Lake is not incorporated as a public entity, there is no single voice for members of the community.

PKLA provides that voice. We respond to the needs of the community and provide a forum for development of ideas and discussion of matters of concern to our members.


Possum Kingdom Lake Association (originally Possum Kingdom Lessees Association) was organized in 1971. The Association was organized to provide a voice for the members of the Possum Kingdom Lake Community and to provide forums for community involvement with priority to protection of the Lake’s resources and the community.

The PKLA is involved in many community-related events and actively supports local volunteer fire departments as well as other community activities. The association has worked to raise community awareness through 911 information, life jacket programs and general informational communication.

PKLA has led efforts in several projects of great import to the community it serves. These include:

Board of Directors

Marsha Bettis

(PK Westside)

Mike Carter

(Hudson Oaks / The Cliffs)

Michael Fuqua

( PK Caddo)

Mert Fewell

(PK Gains Bend)

Monte Land

(PK Eastside)

Russell Madden

(PK Northeast side)

Brent Nance

(Abilene / PK Westside)

James Smith

(PK Sportsman’s World)

Jeff Young

(Fort Worth / The Cliffs)

Property Protection Fund

The Property Protection Fund is a fund provided by contributions from members and others interested in special projects of PKLA. The fund is maintained separate from the dues for the Association. Money from this fund is used to pay for legal and technical assistance in connection with special projects designated by the Board of Directors. In the past, this fund provided for legal counsel and expert support during negotiations for the divestiture plan as well as opposition and a final agreement with BRA on the application to sell water.