Board Meeting:
May 2013

May 2013

Minutes Possum Kingdom Lake Association
Directors Meeting
May 4, 2013

Insurance Directors of the Possum Kingdom Lake Association met Saturday, May 4, 2013 at Bryan conference room at 9:30am.  Directors present were Monte Land, Jim Lattimore, Mikl Fuqua, Jay Turner, Russell Madden, and Mert Fewell.  Direcors not present were John Connally, Scott Wheatley and Jimmy Crenshaw.

The Meeting was called to order at 9:40am.

The following agenda item were discussed:

  1. PKLA membership renewal is currently at 318.
  2. PKLA.Annual Meeting scheduled for June 8, 2013 agenda was discussed. Agenda items will include a report on the BRA Board meeting, Legislative update including the status of SB 918 which would allow the sale of the remaining PK properties, and HB 2362 which will require the audit of river authorities. Jay Turner will discuss FEMA work around PK and flood insurance. Mert Fewell will present current information regarding BRA’s TCEQ application for over million acre feet of water. Monte Land will report on FERC status regarding decommissioning. A motion was made by Jay Turner for Jim Lattimore to become President. The motion was second and passed unanimously.  Monte Land will stay on as a director.
  3. FEMA region 6 held a meeting in Mineral Wells on April 11, 2013. FEMA officials report they will conduct detail surveys of Possum Kingdom Lake area. Work will begin this summer.  Many PK land owners have benefited from the help FEMA provides with flood insurance.  Barrett Goodwin has been asked to attend the annual meeting to answer questions.  Jay Turner will present this information.
  4. FERC conducted a safety inspection of Morris Shepard dam on May 1, 2013. This inspection did not satisfy the need for FERC to inspect the work at the dam in order to surrender the FERC license. The work at the dam seems to be complete except for problems that arose when the conduit was tested.  The stainless steel covers of the conduit rusted.  BRA Board passed a resolution that will allow Phil Ford to negotiate with contractors to complete the work.  BRA hopes decommissioning efforts are complete by August 2013.
  5. Mert Fewell provided an update on PKLA’s effort regarding BRA’s application to TCEQ for over million acre feet of water. A committee was formed to address PKLA efforts. The TCEQ/ BRA committee will be made up of Mert Fewell chair, Jim Lattimore, Monte Land and Jay Turner.
  6. The motion was made to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 11:30am.