Board Meeting:
February 2014

February 2014

Minutes PKLA
Directors Meeting
February 1, 2014

The Possum Kingdom Lake Association Board of Directors met in Bryan Insurance Office conference room on Saturday, February 1, 2014 at 9:30am.  Directors attending were Jim Lattimore, Monte Land, Mert Fewell, Mikl Fuqua, Jimmy Crenshaw, John Connally and Scott Wheatley.

Also attending were Wendy Fuqua, Jackie Fewell, Justin Burney, Sue Cathey and Ken Monroe.

Directors not present were Jay Turner and Russell Madden.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 9:30am
  2. Membership Report-The PK Lake Association has a total of 1050 members.Last year’s membership was 830.   The Annual meeting is scheduled for June 7, 2014 at the PK East Chamber.  Directors discussed changing the time and or date because of the Red Bull diving event at Hell’s Gate that is scheduled on the same date.  More information from Red Bull was requested and any adjustments will be made after learning more details.

III.    BRA Director’s Meeting in Waco- Mert Fewell and Monte Land attended the meeting Monday, January 27, 2013.  Agenda item 11. Water related fee was the only PK agenda item.  The Board passed a resolution that will allow their 3,800 water permits to seek a waiver for pumping water if they have no access for 3 consecutive months.  People that have no water access for 3 consecutive months will need to complete a waiver form.  This form will be submitted to BRA and if approved the fee will be waived.

Pumps and pipes may remain in place.  BRA is sending a letter with more information to folks that will be effected.

  1. Surrender FERC License- The newly installed conduit in the dam has been tested.BRA reports contractors are in the process of completing punch list items.  After completion of this work, BRA will notify FERC requesting an inspection. No timelines are available.
  2. PKLA web-site-Jim Lattimore ask if work could be done to update PKLA web-site.It was agreed that Jim should move forward in finding someone that could complete updates.  Directors ask that a PayPal account be included so members could pay dues and make donations.
  3. Elected officials contacts-Directors had discussion about primary elections.They encourage membership to vote.

VII.  Fundraising-Jim Lattimore reported on PKLA latest effort with BRA’s TCEQ application for more water.  He pointed out how expensive and involved having standing in these proceedings has become for the Lake Association.  One hundred thousand dollars has already been spent in an effort to protect lake levels in the future.

In his report, SOAH Judges certified questions to TCEQ commissioners asking if BRA’s water management plan was required to include water release requirements outlined in Senate Bill 3.  In January, 2014 TCEQ commissioners ruled that BRA’s water management plan must include these new requirements.  This decision presents a possible new timeline which includes:

TCEQ commissioners make final decision on Water Master on February 12, 2014

Because of TCEQ’s January 2014 order, BRA will need 3 months to rework their models and update Water Management Plan

BRA will turn in reworked models and Water Management Plan for TCEQ review

TCEQ will review documents through August 2014

End of August/ September 2014 trial and discovery will begin again

SOAH Judge trial will probably begin first of 2015

There are two pieces in considering water models.  First water flows and second diversion points.  If BRA sells water from the specific diversion sites, there should be consideration to the affects it would have in that area. There are dozens of places where water management plan says one thing and the model says something else.  BRA will probably continue to look at pre-1997 in their new water modeling.

In February PKLA directors need to set a day and travel to Austin to hear technical details.

After hearing from hired experts, directors will establish a plan of strategy on how to move forward.

In another case, TCEQ commissioners are hearing is the petition for a water master for the Brazos River.

SOAH Judges have written an opinion that there should be a water master for the Brazos River.  TCEQ commissioner will make the final decision if there should be a water master and if the water master should be for the entire basin or just the lower part of the basin.  Above PK there is no reason for a water master because there is no reservoir.  Water master would probably be favorable for PK.  Water master will be like a Judge on water rights.

VIII.            Economic Report for Possum Kingdom Lake-Midwestern University Economic department is working on a report.  The report is not complete.  Possum Kingdom Lake community exists because of water and lake levels.

  1. Adjourn- The meeting adjourned at 11:45am.