Board Meeting:
August 2019

August 2019



August 10,  2019


The following agenda items were discussed or acted on:

  1. Call to Order-Mert called the meeting to Order at 9:05am.
  2. Determination of a quorum present- The following directors were present: Mert Fewell, Russell Madden, Mikl Fuqua, Marsha Bettis, Monte Land, Mike Carter.  Directors not present were Brent Nance, Jeff Young and James Smith.
  3. Approval of minutes from last meeting- Monte made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Russell second.  Motion passed 6-0. Mert suggested that the Annual Meeting lasted too long. Directors discussed the Annual meeting and the message to membership. Directors considered a two-part meeting for the next Annual meeting.
  4. Briefing on current issues
    1. ESD4-PKLA official position- Mert asked if PKLA should have a position in ESD 4 efforts. Against it because of EMS services would be cut back in the PK Lake area.  Mert read the following statement “PKLA does not take position on who provides EMS service to the community at large but we support appropriate full time 24/7 EMS service while minimizing the tax burden to PK property owners. Directors support the integrity of the Governmental process. The PKLA Mission statement, ‘Most efficient and effective use of tax dollars’ was discussed.
    2. County Tax Increase- Three PKLA Directors, Mert Fewell, Russell Madden, and James Smith, attended the County Commissioners Budget workshop meeting on July 31, 2019. Russell stated that the County is working to get to the taxing cap by this time next year.  County Commissioners agreed to borrow from their slush funds to balance the budget for this year.  Tax Handouts for the 2017, 2018, & 2019 were passed out.  Directors reviewed.            Mike reminded Directors that we must stay on high ground and continue to look at the big picture.
    3. Palo Pinto Count Hospital- Mike/Jeff
      1. New CEO- Ross Korkmas is the new Palo Pinto General Hospital CEO. He has started work and bought a home in The Cliffs area.
      2. New Budget -No Hospital budget was available.
  • Tax increase? – The Hospital Board has not set their tax rate. Will probably not set their tax rate until September.
  1. Mission-
  2. Our candidate(s)- Mike talked about finding a person to run for hospital board. Place 5 & 6 are up for election.  Directors believed posting a message on the PKLA web site about a person that is running for hospital Board could be done.   Directors decided to ask someone to run for the Hospital Board.
  1. Communication- Web site/E-mail Alert-Marsha spoke about newsletter.  Directors were pleased with the efforts.
  2. BRA interactions- Mert stated there had been no new interaction with BRA since the last meeting. Mert did talk with James Kowis about Kurt Kennedy doing some more modeling.  BRA suggested that they would talk to Abilene about some of the assumptions that they made in reports.  Mert suggested that we ask BRA for data and consider giving the data to Kennedy for modeling.  CEO David Collingsworth has repeated stated that he wants BRA to stay conservative on predictions.  We have not had modeling done in over a year.  Mike made a motion to allow Mert to spend up to $15,000 on modeling.  Monte second.  Motion passed 6-0.
  3. Financial and Membership Report
    1. Current membership- Total 602 New 10 Renew Carolyn reported the current membership numbers.
    2. Membership- Directors discussed Renewal efforts especially using the newsletter as a reminder.
  • Cash and CDs currently on hand

General checking account- Checking account numbers were shared.

Property Protection account- Account numbers were shared.

The Association is in good financial

  1. Projections of expenses/bills- Carolyn explained that the Association usually has a budget of $30,000 to $35,000 a year when there are no special projects.
  2. Set meeting date for next PKLA directors’ meeting- PKLA Directors meeting October 12, 2019.

BRA Director Meeting – October 28,2019

  1. Adjourn- The meeting adjourned at 10:43am.