Annual Meetings

PKLA holds it annual meeting in the month of June.   Please watch your email for your invitation.   Not only do we review our recent activities but also we engage in conversation about community needs and concerns. 

Minutes from the most recent board meeting can be found below:

Click below to view the slideshow from the Annual Meeting which shows the accomplishments from our last 40+ years.

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Possum Kingdom Lake Association
June 8, 2019

Welcome/Introductions-Mert Fewell called the meeting to Order at 10am.  He made the following introductions: BRA Board member Jim Lattimore, County Judge Shane Long, County Commissioner Mike Reed, Justice of the Peace Shawn Humphries, and Current PKLA Directors.

What is the PKLA ?- PKLA Director Mikl Fuqua spoke to approximate 100 attendees about the history of PKLA and it’s community based roots.  He pointed out various issues that PKLA has successfully addressed throughout the history of the organization.  Mikl informed the membership that as issues arise PKLA hires the best professionals to work on behalf of what is best for the future of PK Lake.  He stated we have accomplished much over time and continue to say, “Help us, help you”.

Top 5 Accomplishments– Mert outlined the top five accomplishments as the following:

  1. Divestiture- In 2009, HB 3031 was passed by the Texas State Legislature. HB 3031 allowed BRA is sale water front land to homeowners.  After years of negotiations, Possum Kingdom Lake homeowners were allowed to purchase their leaseholds.
  2. Agreement with BRA in 2014 after BRA application to TCEQ to sell an additional million-acre feet of water. The Agreement that resulted between BRA and PKLA provides for more transparency.  PKLA’s motto remains trust and verify.
  3. Relationship between BRA management and PKLA. Since 2014 until present the relationship has improved.  New CEO and management positions meet regularly with PKLA Directors to discuss topics including lake management.
  4. In 2017, Palo Pinto General Hospital tax rate continued to steadily increase with no additional services in the Possum Kingdom Lake area. PKLA began to request financial records and expenditures in an effort to understand Hospital operation.
  5. In 2018, PKLA challenged Abilene’s effluent discharge back into the Lake on the Westside. A chart showed the channel and water depth at Bailey’s Camp and the possible negative impact on water quality for the entire lake. Work with the city of Abilene, BRA, and TCEQ will continue to protect water quality.

Panel Discussion was facilitated by Mert with the following:

  1. Water and future protection. New initiatives. Panelist included PKLA Hydrologist Consultant James Kowis, BRA Executive Manager of Water Services Aaron Able, PK Reservoir Manager Blake Kettler, and PKLA Director Jeff Young. Each discussed their role in preserving and protecting the lake. It was pointed out during the discussion that BRA has entered into a new contract with PK Water Supply Corporation for additional water.
  2. County Services-Palo Pinto County Hospital District Board was invited to attend the meeting and participate in the panel but no Hospital Board members attended the Annual Meeting. PKLA consultant, Jeff Hausler gave a brief history of his career in hospital administration.  He was asked by the PKLA Board to analyze data provided by the Hospital, meet with current Hospital administration about the future of the Hospital and provide a report.  Currently the Hospital Board is working to hire CEO.  Mert pointed out with a graph that Hospital Taxes are increasing at a faster rate than any other County tax.  With the PK Community paying approximately 50% of those taxes, the question being asked was what services does the PK Community receive for their tax dollars?
  3. Appraised values and property taxes. Panelist were Peyco Southwest Property Tax consultant Jim Maibach and Chief Appraiser Palo Pinto County Appraisal District Donna Kozlovsky were introduced.  Both discussed the State Appraisal structure and how Palo Pinto County had to meet certain State standards.  Jim outlined how he works with PK Clients to identify individual property and then takes those unique qualities before the ARB committee.  Donna was asked provide an explanation on “location indicators”.

Communications/Membership– James Smith talked to the membership about the importance of PKLA membership.  He asked the group to take membership forms home and talk to their neighbors about becoming a PKLA member. 

The Annual Member adjourned at 12:05pm