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MAY 2013

P. O. Box 492, Graford, Texas 76449

PK Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 10am

PLEASE Make Plans to Attend
Bring your neighbors 

Possum Kingdom Lake Association Annual Meeting Agenda items will include:

An Update Analysis of BRA’s TCEQ Application for Over A Million Acre Feet of Additional Water

Directors of PKLA have hired a hydrologist to review BRA’s application modeling numbers in an effort to help the PK community understand this request for the largest amount of water in Texas history! A review of the finding will be given at the meeting.

Legislative Updates- website  Then TLO (Texas Legislature Online)

Bills filed that relate to PK

HB 2362/ SB 1092 Audit efficiency review of River Authorities Referred to Natural Resource committee.

SB 918/ HB 2591 Bill relates to the sale of remaining PK property. Bill passed out of Senate and House Natural Resource Committee.  This Bill should be placed on the Local Consent Calendar next.

The Legislative session ends May 27, 2013. A complete list of Bills relating to PK and there status will be available at the meeting.

BRA Board meeting

Agenda items

  • 1. A drought report presentation showed history of past droughts. At the end of the day they stated that- “The drought may or may not continue!”  May and June will be key months.
  • 2. The staff recommended that dock fees at all 3 BRA reservoirs be removed beginning January 2014. The Board passed the resolution.
  • 3. Legislative Report was given by Matt Phillips. The report included HB 918 which is the sale of the remaining PK properties, plus the remaining acreage on Costello Island and deadline for SET Ranch land sale.The Water Bill is a priority item for this session but is split between the 2 parties.
  • 7. After executive session the Board gave Ford authority to correct problems with conduit at the dam. BRA has stated they are hopeful the work will be completed by July.


Whether to protest your taxes is an individual decision.

Since values have increased the general thought is that everyone needs to protest their taxes.

Protesting values is important not only for present values but future appraisals.

Tax payers have two choices regarding protesting

  1. Protest on your own and represent yourself
  2. Hire a tax consultant to represent you

Understand you must meet Deadlines!! 30 days from date of notice or May 30, 2013

Review your property information

Palo Pinto web site  then click on Select Appraisal District (Palo Pinto)

Protest your own taxes 

Contact an Appraiser in the Tax Appraisal office by phone or in person for an informal discussion.  If they are willing to assess your property at last year’s value (or maybe a little higher) you should probably consider.

First request a data packet that PPCAD used on how your values were established.

Complete Property Tax-Notice of Protest form

Step 3: Check reasons for your protest   Listed below are a few reasons to check each box

Check   Value is over market value   Taxable value is not market value.

Value is unequal compared with other properties                                                             

Other    List unique features of your lot and residence that you believe could lower your values.  Suggest that boat dock should be appraised as personal property.  If your boat docks floats then it could be “unpinned” and moved.  Take a picture of features at your property that you want an appraiser to see in considering you appraisal.


Hire a tax consultant      These consultants have shown interest in representing PK taxpayers since at least 2009.  Their fees reflect 2009 pricing.


Hooper Consulting Group, Inc.
Jerry Hooper, Sr., Senior Tax Consultant
Phone 361.937.0589      361.937.3394 fax
3332 Bali Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418
Flat fee $1,500 plus additional fee/legal cost paid to attorney

Peyco Southwest Realty, Inc.
Jim Maibach, CPM
1703 N. Peyco Dr. Arlington, Texas 76001
Phone 817.467.6803 Fax817.465.7464
$300 fee plus 30% of the reduced amount
PK property owner and has represented many PK residents for multiple years


Region 6 FEMA held a meeting in Mineral Wells on April 11, 2013.  The purpose was to follow up on risk assessments to the region.  As a result of their study, Possum Kingdom Lake area will undergo an in depth water shed topography evaluation.  LiDar cameras with plot the contour lines every 2 foot in the flood plain. Survey crews will begin work in the area this summer and work through the summer of 2014.  Members needing information on removing flood insurance requirements from your mortgage will be provided a handout at the Annual meeting.  Jay Turner can visit with members about the process.


Don’t forget to renew your membership!


Boots and Bucket Concert-July 13, 2013 Tracy Lawrence featured singer and Special Guest may be Duck Commander Willie Robertson

County Wide Clean-up was held first weekend in May and will be held again the last weekend in October.

BRA Board Meeting Waco July 29,2013