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February 2013

P. O. Box 492, Graford, Texas 76449

TCEQ Application

In January 2013 PKLA directors traveled to Austin and met with water experts regarding BRA’s TCEQ application for additional water. Information was shared with PKLA directors at their February meeting.  Directors voted to hire experts for analyzing material presented in BRA’s Water Management Plan.  Any information PKLA secures will be provided to appropriate parties for evaluation.


  • January 2012-TCEQ required BRA to develop Water Management Plan
  • October 26, 2012 directors from the PK Water Supply Corporation, PK Chamber of Commerce and PK Lake Association met with Austin Lawyer Mark Zeppa in an effort to better understand TCEQ application process.
  • November 26,2012- Deadline for BRA to submit Plan
  • 7months- TCEQ staff will complete review of Plan and “renotice” the application back to Administrative Judges
  • 30 days-after” renoticing”- The Judges will review the Plan and prepare of hearings
  • 6 months- Judges will conduct hearings
  • 2014-TCEQ commissioners will hold hearings and reconsider BRA application

PKLA directors are making every effort explore the TCEQ process and advise membership on appropriate action.  Possible talking points for members that want to visit with their Legislators:

  • BRA’s application is the largest request for water in Texas history
  • TCEQ has never approved this large an application
  • BRA has not shown a need for the additional revenue the request will generate
  • BRA Budget in millions and there is no sunset review by legislation
  • BRA is setting precedent for other Water Authorities

BRA Board Meeting Report

The following reports were heard at the BRA’s Board meeting held Monday, January 28, 2013 in Waco.

  • The BRA Board passed an agenda item to include Costello Island and set the requirements for the sale of the remaining commercial and residential leased properties at the Lake. PKLA is involved in the process of writing a Bill that will allow the sale of the remaining land.
  • Matt Phillips reported 46 new House Representatives and 5 new Senate members. Important topics for this session will be budget surplus in a healthy rainy day fund (RDF), and school finance, security and vouchers.
  • Water remains a major topic for this session.  Will legislators use $2 billion for a water plan or pass legislation for a water tax or fee?  A water master may be hired to enforce water usage priority policies. Dow Chemical has Senior water right on the Brazos.
  • Currently 932 bills have been filed Last day to file a Bill is March 8, 2013.
  • Troy Glasson reported work at the dam was nearing completion and on track with timelines for completion in Spring 2013.  The conduit was tested on November 14, 2012.  Electrical work and painting and repair in the powerhouse were complete.  One problem staff is currently working on is the corrosion (rust) that appeared on the ring jet valve on the conduit.  Manufacturer is looking into the cause.  High salinity levels or small pebbles going through at a high velocity might cause pitting in the stainless.  BRA will have a 2 year warranty on valve work. The problem that could develop is that work is not completed in time for BRA to surrender their FERC license by Spring 2013.
  • Mike McClendon reported PVC pipe was needed in the dam to replace deteriorating galvanized pipes.  Money for this project will come from a boat load study project that will not be conducted this summer because of current drought conditions.

Legislation Required for Sale of Remaining Property

BRA and PKLA will work with the 2013 Legislature on a Bill that would allow the sale of the remaining residential and commercial property at PK.  Senator Estes and Representative Keffer’s staff will be writing a Bill that will mirror HB 3031.  BRA directors voted to include remaining acreage on Costello Island in the sale.  Costello Island owners promised to place the undeveloped acreage under a Nature’s Conservancy easement.  At this writing no Bill has been filed.

DATES       March 2nd– Mardi Gras   Parade 3pm & Shrimp Fest 6pm

                    April 29, 2013 BRA Board Meeting Waco

                    June 8, 2013 Annual Meeting PKLA 10 am at the Chamber


MAY 2013

P. O. Box 492, Graford, Texas 76449

PK Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting
Saturday, June 8, 2013, 10am

PLEASE Make Plans to Attend
Bring your neighbors 

Possum Kingdom Lake Association Annual Meeting Agenda items will include:

An Update Analysis of BRA’s TCEQ Application for Over A Million Acre Feet of Additional Water

Directors of PKLA have hired a hydrologist to review BRA’s application modeling numbers in an effort to help the PK community understand this request for the largest amount of water in Texas history! A review of the finding will be given at the meeting.

Legislative Updates- website  Then TLO (Texas Legislature Online)

Bills filed that relate to PK

HB 2362/ SB 1092 Audit efficiency review of River Authorities Referred to Natural Resource committee.

SB 918/ HB 2591 Bill relates to the sale of remaining PK property. Bill passed out of Senate and House Natural Resource Committee.  This Bill should be placed on the Local Consent Calendar next.

The Legislative session ends May 27, 2013. A complete list of Bills relating to PK and there status will be available at the meeting.

BRA Board meeting

Agenda items

  • 1. A drought report presentation showed history of past droughts. At the end of the day they stated that- “The drought may or may not continue!”  May and June will be key months.
  • 2. The staff recommended that dock fees at all 3 BRA reservoirs be removed beginning January 2014. The Board passed the resolution.
  • 3. Legislative Report was given by Matt Phillips. The report included HB 918 which is the sale of the remaining PK properties, plus the remaining acreage on Costello Island and deadline for SET Ranch land sale.The Water Bill is a priority item for this session but is split between the 2 parties.
  • 7. After executive session the Board gave Ford authority to correct problems with conduit at the dam. BRA has stated they are hopeful the work will be completed by July.


Whether to protest your taxes is an individual decision.

Since values have increased the general thought is that everyone needs to protest their taxes.

Protesting values is important not only for present values but future appraisals.

Tax payers have two choices regarding protesting

  1. Protest on your own and represent yourself
  2. Hire a tax consultant to represent you

Understand you must meet Deadlines!! 30 days from date of notice or May 30, 2013

Review your property information

Palo Pinto web site  then click on Select Appraisal District (Palo Pinto)

Protest your own taxes 

Contact an Appraiser in the Tax Appraisal office by phone or in person for an informal discussion.  If they are willing to assess your property at last year’s value (or maybe a little higher) you should probably consider.

First request a data packet that PPCAD used on how your values were established.

Complete Property Tax-Notice of Protest form

Step 3: Check reasons for your protest   Listed below are a few reasons to check each box

Check   Value is over market value   Taxable value is not market value.

Value is unequal compared with other properties                                                             

Other    List unique features of your lot and residence that you believe could lower your values.  Suggest that boat dock should be appraised as personal property.  If your boat docks floats then it could be “unpinned” and moved.  Take a picture of features at your property that you want an appraiser to see in considering you appraisal.


Hire a tax consultant      These consultants have shown interest in representing PK taxpayers since at least 2009.  Their fees reflect 2009 pricing.


Hooper Consulting Group, Inc.
Jerry Hooper, Sr., Senior Tax Consultant
Phone 361.937.0589      361.937.3394 fax
3332 Bali Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas 78418
Flat fee $1,500 plus additional fee/legal cost paid to attorney

Peyco Southwest Realty, Inc.
Jim Maibach, CPM
1703 N. Peyco Dr. Arlington, Texas 76001
Phone 817.467.6803 Fax817.465.7464
$300 fee plus 30% of the reduced amount
PK property owner and has represented many PK residents for multiple years


Region 6 FEMA held a meeting in Mineral Wells on April 11, 2013.  The purpose was to follow up on risk assessments to the region.  As a result of their study, Possum Kingdom Lake area will undergo an in depth water shed topography evaluation.  LiDar cameras with plot the contour lines every 2 foot in the flood plain. Survey crews will begin work in the area this summer and work through the summer of 2014.  Members needing information on removing flood insurance requirements from your mortgage will be provided a handout at the Annual meeting.  Jay Turner can visit with members about the process.


Don’t forget to renew your membership!


Boots and Bucket Concert-July 13, 2013 Tracy Lawrence featured singer and Special Guest may be Duck Commander Willie Robertson

County Wide Clean-up was held first weekend in May and will be held again the last weekend in October.

BRA Board Meeting Waco July 29,2013


P. O. Box 492, Graford, Texas 76449

Important Notice “Let’s Talk Water”       We need you!

Possum Kingdom Lake Association will host a community meeting Saturday, October 12, 2013 at PK Chamber at 10am.  The agenda will include Jordan Furnans speaking about future lake levels.  Dr. Furnans is an expert in his field and has been retained by PKLA because of his widely respected knowledge and experience.  PLEASE come, invite your neighbors to attend and encourage them to become members.  For those who saw his presentation at the annual meeting, Dr. Furnans has continued his study and has new, very important, results to present. Membership involvement and financial support is critical to protect our lake from the BRA’s unprecedented request to sell water. To win this battle, we have to have your support and that of your neighbors.  Your efforts helped pass HB 3031, which allowed purchase of your property at the lake and we are appealing for that support again.  We need your help in stopping the approval of BRA’s historical request for water now pending before the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

We have a plan!! Please plan to attend this meeting and get involved.

TCEQ / BRA Application

BRA’s permit application for additional million+ acre feet of water is moving to the next step at TCEQ.  BRA was required to submit a Water Management Plan which TCEQ has reviewed and now put in process for a final decision.

Just Happened As the initial step in this process, a public meeting was held in Hewitt, TX. Approximately 150 attended the meeting that was divided into (1) overview, (2) question and answer, and (3) formal comments on the record.   The meeting was moderated by a TCEQ facilitator and there were 4 attendees each from the BRA and the TCEQ.  PKLA filed written formal comments and also affirmed those comments during the formal comments period.  We are on the record opposed to approval of the application.

Before closing the meeting, the TCEQ moderator reinforced that the TCEQ will accept all comments received by

August 12th.

What is next-To request to be a party or have standing, you must attend the preliminary hearing and show you would be affected by the application in a way not common to the general public. Any person may attend the hearing and request to be a party. Only persons named as parties may participate in the hearings before the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) judge.  These hearings must be completed and the judge’s findings returned to TCEQ by January 2014.  The preliminary hearing, where parties will be named, is to be held on Monday, August 26, 2013 at 9 a.m., at the State Office of Administrative Hearings located at 300 West 15th, Suite 502, and Austin, Texas.  When the SOAH judge’s findings are reported to the TCEQ by the end of January, 2014, the TCEQ will schedule a hearing where the Commissioners will take additional comment and make a determination of approval or denial.  At that final hearing, we expect that we will need a tremendous outpouring of public opposition to the approval.  You can expect to hear a lot more about this as we move forward.
BRA Directors Meeting Waco

On Monday July 29, 2013 BRA directors met and discussed the following PK agenda items:

  1. Executive Session -a. BRA discussed their TCEQ application with their lawyer during executive session.
  2. BRA passed a resolution that gave Phil Ford, CEO, authority to do whatever was required to resolve the problems with the newly installed conduit. BRA remains hopeful that problems can be remedied by October.
  3. Budget amendment for PK Baffles and Pier 8– Amending the budget allows BRA staff ability to continue to work on projects while work on the conduit continues. Mike McClendon explained the amendment would allow for work on 2014 projects, since BRA staff cannot work in the area where the conduit is located.
  4. Survey Services required for sale of land in SB918. BRA directors directed staff to set up an RFB for survey services on the land to be sold in SB918.
  5. West Central Brazos Water Distribution System– (Kerr McGee pipeline) Two SUD’s (Stephens County & Fort Phantom) are coming on line and will be using the pipeline to secure water from PK. Transportation of this water will run through the old Kerr McGee pipeline. A water rate resolution was passed to set their rates.
  6. Legislative Update– Matt Phillips reported on the following bills-HB 4 creates State Water Plan to prioritize water projects. HB 1025 appropriates $2 billion from Rainy Day Fund to fund HB 4 and SJR 1 creates and constitutionally dedicates new State Water Plan and authorizes funds which require voter approval in November.

HB 2362 allows the legislative Budget Board to review the effectiveness and efficiency of the policies, management, fiscal affairs, and operations of river authorities.  LCRA and BRA will be the first to be reviewed.

Although legislation for creation of a Water Master failed, there was a petition for a Water Master filed in January with TCEQ that is currently moving through the process.  The next hearing on this petition will be September 23, 2013.


FERC & Conduit

Decommissioning requires the installation of the conduit.  Although the conduit has been installed, BRA directors are not satisfied with operation. . Once the conduit is satisfactorily completed, FERC will inspect the dam and give final approval of decertification. The sale of remaining PK properties cannot occur until FERC approves all work on Dam.

E-Mail Address

 It is important that we have your e-mail address to contact you with timely issues.  Recently PKLA sent out an e-mail alert about the BRA meeting in Waco and postings on PKLA web-site. (  We had approximately 20 e-mails returned undeliverable.  Please add Ken Monroe ( to your address book.  If you have not received an e-mail recently please e-mail Ken so we can check your address.

November 2013

P. O. Box 492, Graford, Texas 76449

TCEQ/ BRA Hearing

The October 12, 2013 meeting with approximately 350 members provided all that attended with much up to date information. Approximately 25 parties have been granted standing in the State Of Administrative Hearing (SOAH) that is currently scheduled for the end of April, 2014. PKLA President Jim Lattimore pointed out that this is a continuously changing process.  The latest order from SOAH Judges submits four certified questions to TCEQ commissioners.  The order also abates the hearing process until TCEQ makes a determination.

 The question involves the new requirements of SB 3 and when those requirements will take effect.  The heart of the issue is environmental flows in the Brazos and when the requirement to achieve those flows will be invoked.  If the increased flows are to be required immediately, then there may be significant impact on BRA’s modeling. BRA may need to make major amendments to their Water Management Plan.  The abatement stops the whole process as we now understand it but does not end it.  It is not uncommon for such delays to occur.  The process may or may not pick up where it left off, depending on the decision of the TCEQ Commissioners.

TCEQ will receive the order, evaluate and study it and then eventually put the question to TCEQ Commissioners for action.  At this writing, there is no way to predict how long the delay will last or what the results might be.  PKLA will alert membership by e-mail as details develop.   PKLA membership is asked to contact their elected officials.  Talking points and letters to State Legislators are posted on PKLA web site. Please take a moment and contact your Legislators.

BRA Board Meeting

The BRA Board met in Waco on Monday, October 28, 2013.  The following Possum Kingdom Lake agenda items were discussed:

#8. Report and possible discussion on Policy Updates- Matt Phillips presented the following information:

·         A water master petition for the Brazos Basin was filed with TCEQ and a hearing was held in September.  Management of water priority is the issue.  TCEQ commissioners are currently considering formation of a new position.  A Water Master could become the accountant and gate keeper for water in the Brazos.  BRA states they are neutral on the issue but if a Water Master is hired it should be for entire basin.  A Water Master would make sure water rights are protected.  Water Master and staff would be paid for by water rights holders (1,500 water right holders.)   It is estimated that a half million dollar budget would be required.  TCEQ Commissioners would hire the Water Master.  Calling for water rights would then be directed through the Water Master office.  The Water Master Office would have little work during wet times.  BRA staff felt they correctly enforcement water rights.  The BRA Board felt it would be another check on BRA management.  There was some discussion that formation of Water Master would simply be just another layer of government

·         HB 4 Water Bill- Three member board was appointed by Governor Perry.  This board will write criteria and prioritize water projects for the State. Passage of Prop 6 on the November 5th ballot is necessary for funding these water projects.  If Prop 6 is approved $2 billion from the Rainy Day Fund will fund these state water projects.  Polling shows support but organized opposition exists.  More debt at the county level is problem for Prop 6 and another government layer.

·         SB 918 provided for the sale of the remaining PK leased properties.  Surveyors work will begin soon.

#9. Discussion and possible action on Determination of Interruptible Water Available for 2014-Brad Burnett 

Report on interruptible water availability is provided at October Board meeting.  Interested parties must purchase multiple year contracts which contain Stage 3 Drought provision that would cancel water obligation.  Since 2011 all water offered has been purchased.  BRA Board voted to make no interruptible water available for 2014 at this time.  Contracts will be frozen.  A stage 3 Drought concern for 2014 is the reason for not offering this water.

#10. Control Outlet Conduit   Mike McClendon

Anticipate mid-December completion of all work at dam.  BRA will notify FERC to complete necessary assessment.  Early 2014 will hopefully allow FERC to surrender license and complete decommissioning.  Work on conduit was completed under budget.

Membership is over 1,000

August 2014

P. O. Box 492, Graford, Texas 76449

HELP!!!!  Enclosed Postcards  HELP!!!

PLEASE take a moment and mail both enclosed postcards.  We need your elected officials to monitor BRA’s TCEQ application for more water sales. Please use your home address (where you vote), to send postcards to your elected Senator and Representative.  You can find the name of legislators by going to the Legislative Website- (TLO) or mobile version  Remember to sign and give your home address.  These postcards need to be mailed as soon possible.

Report PKLA Annual Meeting June 7, 2014

A very well attended PKLA Annual meeting provided the following information.  As you may have heard, our neighbors down at Granbury have been working hard to get the BRA to reconsider the water management plan BRA implemented as a result of the Halff Study.  This involves a strategy to “balance” water levels in some equitable (highly questionable and much to the detriment of PK) manner.  Granbury property owners forced a meeting with elected officials and the BRA to try to get BRA to consider triple the amount of water released from PK and into Granbury. The PK Community was refused participation in that meeting by Granbury. The PKLA Board wrote and delivered a response called “The White Papers” to BRA.  This “White Paper” document can be read on our website. Please understand, we are not trying to pick a fight, just standing up for what we believe is right.  We believe that the drought has universal impact and that one group or entity should not be allowed to benefit to the detriment of others.

Jim Lattimore reviewed the Midwestern University Economic Impact study conducted on the PK Lake area.  This study was done to show how low lake levels will impact the PK community.

A report on PKLA efforts regarding BRA/TCEQ application was given by Leigh Ing, TCEQ consultant.  BRA was required to amend their Water Management Plan.  TCEQ will turn the application back over to SOAH Judges to continue the hearing process.  Minutes for the meeting are on the website.

PKLA Directors met with BRA July 2, 2014 in Waco

PKLA directors travel to Waco to meet with BRA staff about Lake Granbury’s request to reopen the 2011 Halff Study.  This study was used to establish the draw down ratio, 1:1.75.  PKLA presented the Midwestern University Economic Impact study on the economic conditions as a result of low lake levels.  Jim Lattimore pointed out that the PK Community is already feeling the effects of the drought and strained economic conditions.  PKLA presented their White papers and resolution.  They also brought resolutions from Palo Pinto, Young and Stephens County  Commissioners Court, City of Graham, PK Chamber of Commerce, and City of Jacksboro that support PKLA position not to reopen the Halff Study.  PKLA directors pointed out that BRA should use best use practices to manage the water and not be tied to draw down ratio.

BRA Board met July 28, 2014

The following Possum Kingdom Lake agenda items were considered by the BRA Board.

  1. The BRA staff reviewed assumptions and criteria that were used in establishing the 2011 Halff Study and draw down ratio between PK and Lake Granbury.  Staff recommended to the board there be no re-evaluation unless a stakeholder committee is formed.  BRA Board passed a Resolution that would allow the formation of equal participates from Lake Granbury and PK to form a committee and if a consensus is reached on the scope and approach supporting the potential re-evaluation of the study.
  2. The BRA Board passed a resolution to allow CEO Phil Ford to negotiate agreements previously entered into with parties opposing the System Operation Permit (BRA’s Application)as long as all negotiations are in the best interest of BRA.
  3. Report on State Water Policy Update

TCEQ met April 9, 2014 and created a Water Master position that will govern from PK Lake to the Gulf.  TCEQ indicated that it could take 15-18 months to hire a Water Master and staff. In hiring this additional staff, BRA’s budget and water rate-will be affected for 2015.  Abilene successfully argued that since there is currently no reservoir above PK, there was no need for a Water Master to govern the river above PK.

House Bill (HB) 4 established a 3 member state water development board (TWDB). In June 2014, each Regional water board will submit their 2011 draft of prioritized projects and the TWDB will formalize rules for priority consideration. In September 2014, Regional water boards will turn in finalized priority projects list.  December 2014, TWDB adopt statewide prioritized rules.  Two proposed Brazos River projects that could be considered include Allen Creek (Houston) and Cedar Ridge (Abilene).

TCEQ/BRA Water Application Update

Big Thank You to everyone that have sent donations to the property protection fund!

Possible new timeline for this application includes:

  • August 14, 2014 TCEQ returned application with new water management plan to SOAH Judges to continue hearing process
  • December 8, 2014 Date assigned to end the discovery process before hearings
  • February 16, 2015Hearings begin
  • February 27, 2015 Hearing concludes.
  • March 2015 Application returns to TCEQ commissioners for consideration

BRA has updated their water management plan.  PKLA hydrologist experts reviewed the new report and will be ready with their opinion by the end of August.  Their expert opinions will be used in the hearing.  We will try to have updated by the November Newsletter.  There appears to be no improvements for Possum Kingdom under this latest update.

Republican Candidate for Governor Greg Abbott visits PK

Approximately 80 PK residents attended a reception held at The Cliffs for Greg Abbott.  Attorney General Abbott spoke to the group about his vision for Texas.  He stated he was appreciated the PK response from those attending and enjoyed the beauty of Possum Kingdom Lake.

Thank you to County Officials

PKLA directors and the Possum Kingdom Community would like to send out a big “THANK YOU” to Palo Pinto County Commissioner’s Court, Stephen’s County Commissioner’s Court, and Young County Commissioners Court, Graham City Council, Jacksboro City Council Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, and the Possum Kingdom Water Supply for passing resolutions supporting the PK Lake Association White Paper and Resolution.

MEMBERSHIP 1065 Have you forgotten to send your membership renewal in for this year?

As PKLA works in Austin representing the Possum Kingdom Lake Community, your membership has never been more important.    Not only are the dues important to support the work of PKLA but we need to count you as a member!!  Sit down now and write your check and fill out the renewal or call your PK neighbor and give them membership information.  Membership forms are located on our website,  Dues are $40.

If our records indicate that you have not renewed your membership, a label is attached at the bottom of this page. If you have questions call Carolyn 940.779.3863


July 2015

P. O. Box 492, Graford, Texas 76449

Let’s Talk Water”       We need you!                                                       Membership: 1085

In August 2013, Possum Kingdom Lake Association invited membership to attend a meeting regarding efforts to stop BRA’s permit request for historical amount of water. Membership involvement and financial support was critical to protect our lake from the BRA’s unprecedented request to sell water.  As the legal process continues, your financial support of PKLA’seffort continues to be necessary.  PKLA has hired a team of experts that include attorney, hydrologist and TCEQ consultants to lead the PK Lake effort and work for YOU.  As your Holiday lists are made, please include the PK Lake Association.

PLEASE mail donations to the post office address listed at the top of the page.

TCEQ/BRA Water Application Update

The discovery part of the trial process is currently underway.  Possible timelines for TCEQ commissioner consideration:

  • December 8, 2014 Date assigned to end the discovery process before hearings
  • February 16, 2015Hearings begin
  • February 27, 2015 Hearing concludes.
  • March 2015 Application returns to TCEQ commissioners for consideration

BRA Board met October 27, 2014

The following Possum Kingdom Lake agenda items were considered by the BRA Board.

During Opening Session public comments were heard.  Four individuals spoke on behalf of Camp Grady Spruce encouraging the Board to approve Patterson’s Bid for the remaining PK property.

Agenda item number:

  1. Executive Session– After a lengthy executive session the Board acted on 3 Resolutions.

1B.1-The Board voted to reject the Patterson’s bid.  It was the only bid submitted.  Staff was directed to post a new request for bid in accordance with SB 918.

1B.2-Board voted to sell remaining undeveloped small strips of unleased land located between individual lots.

1B.3-The Board considered hiring a qualified real estate consulting firm to advise them on how to optimize the sale of the remaining land.  This resolution failed.  Vote was 9-9

  1. Regulations of BRA Lakes and Associated Lands– Mike McClendon reported that the goal is to incorporate with consistency all rules and regulation into one document. Rules will go into effect after they are published in local newspapers for a 2 week period. After Public comments, 3 rules were adjusted.
  2. Allow covering of 2nd story on docks with sun decks, many are grandfathered and it will reduce skin cancer.
  3. Increase mooring limit from 1 day to at least 2 days to account for weekend use.
  4. Water Recreation Fees are only collected at PK Lake.These fees will be eliminated after September 1, 2015.

PK Lake deadline remains January 1, 2015 for docks to have encapsulated foam.  Other BRA lakes will have a 4”floatation rule.  Docks on other BRA lakes with non-encapsulated foam must float out of the water 4”above water level to be in compliance.

  1. Determination of Interruptible Water Available for 2015-Brad Brunett presentation included history of sales and new calculations with a new waiting list for water. Total amount of water available is 112,552 acre feet. The Board voted to sell 43,569 acre feet for 2015 which is that amount currently under contract. The following criteria will be used to trigger the sale of the remaining 68,983 acre feet for 2015:
  2. The Board can sell the remaining water if totals in storage in the 11 reservoirs rise above Stage 1 Drought Watch level.PK, Lake Granbury and Whitney would all need to have lake level above Stage 1 Drought levels prior to December 31, 2015 for a sale to occur.
  3. The Board can sell the remaining water if the main reservoir below the confluence of the Little River (Below Belton) has a combined BRA storage capacity above Stage 1 Drought level of 561,290 acre feet prior to December 31, 2015.
  4. Allen Creek Reservoir Report-David Collinsworth reported that BRA (30%) and City of Houston (70%) are working to move forward on building this Reservoir. BRA staff assured the Board that all efforts are being made to push this project.
  5. Live-Stream Board Meeting– Matt Phillips reports that BRA should have the ability to provide a live stream of the Board meeting on their web-site by their January 26, 2015. This effort is being made so anyone interested can watch the meeting online.


Abilene Water Sell- At this writing, there is no BRA/Abilene signed contract for 4,500 acre feet of PK water.  The water under consideration is for Firm water so there are no deadlines. Any contract will hopefully include conservation restrictions for basic water needs.

BRA Water Master Stakeholder Meeting-December 9th, 7pm-Mineral Wells Activity Center, 735 Hood Road, Mineral Wells

November 2015

P. O. Box 492, Graford, Texas 76449

Governor Appoints new BRA Board Members-2 from Granbury
On November 4, 2015 Governor Greg Abbott made 8 appointments to the BRA Board. A link for more details on the appointments is http// The appointments include: Winford ”Ford” Taylor of Waco, Rusty Boles, Cynthia Flores of Round Rock, Charles “Rick” Huber III and John Luton of Granbury, Jarrod Smith of Dansbury, Reappointed are Jeff Tallas of Sugar Land and W. J. “Bill” Rankin of Brenham.

Construction Highway 2353 begins October 2015
TxDOT started a 14 month project on FM 2353. The end result will be a center turn lane on a section of 2353, and dedicated north and south turn lanes at the intersection of Park Road 36 and FM 2353. Parts of FM 2353 will receive 4’ of shoulders. .

PKLA Directors meet October 31, 2015
The following Possum Kingdom Lake Agenda items were discussed by the Board:

  • Review of settlement agreement with BRA-Lattimore and Fewell talked with BRA staff regarding reports that are now due according to the December 2014 Settlement Agreement between BRA and PKLA. In the Settlement BRA agreed to produce reports once PK Lake filled. PKLA’s hydrologist is working on hydrologic issues that will be used as a checklist for further discussions.
  • BRA staff and PKLA directors discussed the sale of interruptible water. At the October BRA Board meeting, BRA considered the amount of interruptible water available for sale. PKLA requested a 75% safety conservation factor in determining the amount of water available.
  • Discussion of status of BRA application-Lattimore & Fewell-TCEQ has not scheduled a hearing on BRA’s Permit 5851 application.

The BRA Board of Directors met October 26, 2015 in Waco. The following PK agenda items were discussed

  • Discussion/action on Determination of Interruptible water Available for 2016-This is water made available on 1 to 5 year contract for unused firm yield water from last year. Annual calculations are determined on amount available. Staff is recommending selling 25% of water determined to be available and 75% placed on reserve for safety reasons. Changes in the formula in determining amounts include reduced firm yield on PK due to sedimentation consideration after the drought. BRA takes into consideration long term contract customers. BRA can curtail water sale if any portion of Basin reaches Stage 3 drought conditions. Ag rates and Municipal rates are charged. Contracted water is paid for up front and monthly reports are required.
  • Discussion on Morris Shepard Dam Improvements-A resolution was passed to complete Dam remodeling design, removing water lines, replacing handrails and obtain fabrication for a stairwell indicates that the budget has a shortfall of 1.3 million. Much of work will be completed by Sept 2016.
  • Discussion/action on PK Divestiture II Contract-In July the BRA Board authorized divestiture of Phase II sale of PK property. Contract was awarded to Patterson. Ratification of contract had 2 parts: 1. Execution-Occurred in July with a 60 day review period by Patterson. 2. Closing-Board passed a resolution to execute closing for the property sale. The primary closing date is currently set for February 11, 2016. Patterson anticipates a website to be up and running in the near future.
  • Discussion West Central Brazos Water Distribution System-Locally referred to as the Kerr McGee Pipeline- A water leak in the pipeline located in the Basis Oil and Gas Yard has created negotiations to resolve issues. Basis offered BRA an easement for a new line in the corner of their property at no cost if BRA would abandon the leaky line that runs through the center of Basis property. Basis Oil & Gas is moving forward to execute contract with their board. Timing on resolving this issue could have only 90 days period before closing. Board passed resolution to allow negotiations and changes to be made.

Texas Forestry Service was in complete control of the 200-400 acre fire that was burning along Park Road 33 the middle of October. The Service had 4 helicopters, 1 large jet, 2 scoop and dump sea planes and 4 single engine crop duster type planes dropping powder on spots. They also had 2 dozers and numerous fire trucks and personnel on the ground. The fire was contained on the ranch where it began and did not spread to the Caddo Bay area

November 14-PK Craft and Vendor Fair-PKCC 10am-4pm; December 5-Santa arrives at PKCC 6pm-7pm