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November 2015

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Governor Appoints new BRA Board Members-2 from Granbury
On November 4, 2015 Governor Greg Abbott made 8 appointments to the BRA Board. A link for more details on the appointments is http// The appointments include: Winford ”Ford” Taylor of Waco, Rusty Boles, Cynthia Flores of Round Rock, Charles “Rick” Huber III and John Luton of Granbury, Jarrod Smith of Dansbury, Reappointed are Jeff Tallas of Sugar Land and W. J. “Bill” Rankin of Brenham.

Construction Highway 2353 begins October 2015
TxDOT started a 14 month project on FM 2353. The end result will be a center turn lane on a section of 2353, and dedicated north and south turn lanes at the intersection of Park Road 36 and FM 2353. Parts of FM 2353 will receive 4’ of shoulders. .

PKLA Directors meet October 31, 2015
The following Possum Kingdom Lake Agenda items were discussed by the Board:

  • Review of settlement agreement with BRA-Lattimore and Fewell talked with BRA staff regarding reports that are now due according to the December 2014 Settlement Agreement between BRA and PKLA. In the Settlement BRA agreed to produce reports once PK Lake filled. PKLA’s hydrologist is working on hydrologic issues that will be used as a checklist for further discussions.
  • BRA staff and PKLA directors discussed the sale of interruptible water. At the October BRA Board meeting, BRA considered the amount of interruptible water available for sale. PKLA requested a 75% safety conservation factor in determining the amount of water available.
  • Discussion of status of BRA application-Lattimore & Fewell-TCEQ has not scheduled a hearing on BRA’s Permit 5851 application.

The BRA Board of Directors met October 26, 2015 in Waco. The following PK agenda items were discussed

  • Discussion/action on Determination of Interruptible water Available for 2016-This is water made available on 1 to 5 year contract for unused firm yield water from last year. Annual calculations are determined on amount available. Staff is recommending selling 25% of water determined to be available and 75% placed on reserve for safety reasons. Changes in the formula in determining amounts include reduced firm yield on PK due to sedimentation consideration after the drought. BRA takes into consideration long term contract customers. BRA can curtail water sale if any portion of Basin reaches Stage 3 drought conditions. Ag rates and Municipal rates are charged. Contracted water is paid for up front and monthly reports are required.
  • Discussion on Morris Shepard Dam Improvements-A resolution was passed to complete Dam remodeling design, removing water lines, replacing handrails and obtain fabrication for a stairwell indicates that the budget has a shortfall of 1.3 million. Much of work will be completed by Sept 2016.
  • Discussion/action on PK Divestiture II Contract-In July the BRA Board authorized divestiture of Phase II sale of PK property. Contract was awarded to Patterson. Ratification of contract had 2 parts: 1. Execution-Occurred in July with a 60 day review period by Patterson. 2. Closing-Board passed a resolution to execute closing for the property sale. The primary closing date is currently set for February 11, 2016. Patterson anticipates a website to be up and running in the near future.
  • Discussion West Central Brazos Water Distribution System-Locally referred to as the Kerr McGee Pipeline- A water leak in the pipeline located in the Basis Oil and Gas Yard has created negotiations to resolve issues. Basis offered BRA an easement for a new line in the corner of their property at no cost if BRA would abandon the leaky line that runs through the center of Basis property. Basis Oil & Gas is moving forward to execute contract with their board. Timing on resolving this issue could have only 90 days period before closing. Board passed resolution to allow negotiations and changes to be made.

Texas Forestry Service was in complete control of the 200-400 acre fire that was burning along Park Road 33 the middle of October. The Service had 4 helicopters, 1 large jet, 2 scoop and dump sea planes and 4 single engine crop duster type planes dropping powder on spots. They also had 2 dozers and numerous fire trucks and personnel on the ground. The fire was contained on the ranch where it began and did not spread to the Caddo Bay area

November 14-PK Craft and Vendor Fair-PKCC 10am-4pm; December 5-Santa arrives at PKCC 6pm-7pm