News Release

Property Tax Consulting and Protesting Appraisals – Special Service offered by Peyco Southwest Realty

As you may know, one of PKLA’s goals for the 2018-2019 year has been monitoring and impacting the assessment of local ad valorem taxes in Palo Pinto county, especially as they effect the lake community. Also the Board knows that, to the extent possible, a unified voice from the lake community is effective in speaking to the appraisal district’s fair market valuation processes and the ensuing assessment of property taxes by the taxing entities.

To facilitate a unified “one voice” for property tax valuations made by the Palo Pinto County Appraisal District, the Board at a recent meeting entertained a presentation by Jim Maibach with Peyco Southwest Realty from Arlington, Texas. Jim and his firm provide a wide range of realty services, including property tax consulting and protesting appraised values.  Jim owns property at the lake and is also a member of PKLA. His firm represents 400+ property owners in Palo Pinto county, including a large number of owners around the lake.

The Board determined to offer Jim’s services to PKLA membership and in exchange Jim has agreed to provide a $50 discount on his services (making the down payment $250) to PKLA members. Please consider Jim and Peyco for your property tax needs, including analysis of your Notice of Appraised Value from the appraisal district. If you would like to visit with Jim, or learn more about the services his firm offers, please go to, or call 817.467.6803 to get signed up.  Or contact one of us via email below.
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