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Make it Count - Vote Possum Kingdom

Are you tired of bad roads, poor services and paying the highest taxes in the county? You have a choice and the choice can make a difference with your lake property.

It is a little known fact that in the state of Texas, you can vote wherever you have a residence, even if it is not your full time home. You can move your voter registration from one location to another as long as you only vote in one location. You even have the option of absentee voting by mail if you are not in Palo Pinto County on voting day. Write or call the Palo Pinto County Clerk at Palo Pinto Courthouse, P.O. Box 219, Palo Pinto, Texas 76484, or 940-659-1277 for a voter registration application.

We, as stakeholders at Possum Kingdom, are represented at the local level by the elected officials of Precinct 2. It is important that your voice and opinion be heard through casting your vote in our local elections.

We deserve good roads, good law enforcement and good ambulance and fire service. Your vote makes all the difference at Possum Kingdom.

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Make it Count - Vote Possum Kingdom